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cougar love storyWelcome!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Peggy Dubas, better known as Dear Dear Peggy because of the letters I have written for over 35 years.  I am the author of over 25 copyrighted books.  Although there is a variety of subjects in these books, most were written for young people, from pre-school age through high school.  The first series of books were:  “The Values of Life from A to Z”.  The original books were written to teach values to my grandchildren, but later expanded into books used in schools in Character Education courses..

Suddenly though, at the ripe old age of 82 I met a young 46 year old man that literally swept me off my feet.  Due to my writing background, this of course led to the writing of the book:  “Lovers – Over 50/Under 50”.  The books tells how I met him, and how our relationship grew.  Luis,  my new man is so different from all my past lovers.  He is from Cuba and did not speak English very well, and I could not speak Spanish.

It is amazing how we overcame this challenge in communication, but we certainly did.  We have such a great relationship that I decided to write about it for all the older women out there who are without male companionship.  After all, there are so many more females available over 50, compared to the number of males, that there is nowhere to go except down….to younger men.  I thought that if I could get a younger man interested in me so can all the other over 50 females out there.  So this book was written specifically for all you females out there who are over 50.

I quickly learned that females with young boyfriends were called ‘Cougars’, and was going to use another title like:  Cougar Life Story.  But somehow the name ‘cougar’ did not turn me on so I went with the current title.

Of course, there is nothing more that I would enjoy than sharing thoughts with other senior women like myself.   Thoughts.  So write me your thoughts, questions, opinions and ideas on why  we older women deserve younger lovers.  After all, men have been having young female lovers forever, and I think it is now our turn.  Let me know what you think.

Incidentally, all my other books are available on my web site “DearDearPeggy.com”.  Besides the“Values” and “Character Education” books there are Zodiac Books to help you learn all about yourself based on your date of birth and your Sign in the Zodiac.  These books of the twelve signs are easy to read and understand great fun.  In addition the book called “Shell Pendulum”is fantastic in helping you make decisions in your life.  I learned about the Pendulum many years ago and learned how to use it in my life in all my decision making.  It also makes me the life of the party when I have my pendulum with me.  All the ladies want me to ask it all kinds of questions about the future.   A real fun time.  

Read my Dear Dear Peggy letters on my website and you will get some ideas on how these books can add fun to you life.